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Glass Night (days now available)

Gather with a group of friends or enjoy making new ones. Glass Night is a fun workshop in a relaxing atmosphere. Each person creates a glass bowl under the instruction of Deanna Clayton.  It is a very user-friendly project that requires no previous experience with glass.  The project takes about 2 hrs to complete.  A mold is provided for you. You get to work with the colored glass and stencils to create your unique bowl. It's a lot of fun. Bowls are in the kiln for 4 days and can be shipped for $15 if you are leaving Door County before they are finished


$125 per person

 Pate de Verre  Bowl Workshop

This class is for people that would like to learn the entire pate de verre casting from start to finish. There is no experience necessary to participate in this class. Each person will learn all of the steps from create the wax form to surface design, mold making and of course working with the glass. Technical information will be provided as to firing schedules and other process related questions. The class takes a full day, starting at 10am until 4pm. The bowls are in the kiln for 3 days and can be shipped for $15 if you will not be in Door County when they are finished.


$300 per person


Pate de verre Disk Class

Create your own pate de verre disk from start to finish! No experience necessary.  You will work with wax and or clay to create a unique design. We will then cast a mold of your design for casting the glass. Once the mold is set I will demonstrate the glass technique using glass frit.  The class takes a full day starting at 10am and usually done by 4pm. The pieces fire in a kiln over 3 days and can be shipped for $15 if you will be leaving town before they are cool.  The 8" stand is included in the price of the class        $300 per person

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